What Accreditation Means for a Home Health Agency

Set up in 1986, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) aims to recognize the achievements of healthcare organizations that go above and beyond to deliver exemplary care to every patient. Here's our take on what accreditation truly means, and why we're proud to be the only privately held agency in NE Wyoming with the ACHC's official stamp of approval.   

What accreditation means

Accreditation is a comprehensive process of review. It gives healthcare organizations and home health agencies like us the opportunity to prove how committed we are to achieving the highest possible standards of patient care. Industry experts conduct the accreditation surveys, and they grade agencies on categories, including:

  • Compliance with state and federal laws
  • Agency policies and procedures
  • The overall organizational structure

Agencies can't achieve ACHC accreditation without demonstrating a long-term commitment to legal compliance, including health and safety and security. Patient care must be at the heart of everything they do, and they must run an efficient, transparent organization. For ACHC-accredited organizations, average healthcare isn't good enough. Put simply, ACHC accreditation is synonymous with the highest-quality care. 

Why you should choose an accredited home health agency

There are obvious benefits to trusting an accredited agency with your healthcare needs. Here are the three biggest advantages to working with accredited organizations like us.

Outstanding agency values

Every ACHC-accredited organization places patient care above everything else. At Healing Hearts, we have a very clear vision – healing doesn't have to be clinical. Patients do better at home surrounded by familiar comforts, and we'll do everything possible to help them thrive in this safe, comfortable environment.

Premium-quality care

No agency gets accredited without delivering on this one fundamental – quality patient healthcare. When you trust your healthcare needs to an ACHC-accredited agency like Healing Hearts, you know you're receiving only the very best care management.

Continuous, long-term improvement

Accreditation surveys only take place once every three years, but in the meantime, organizations must maintain their rigorous care standards or else they risk losing their accredited status. For patients, this means that accredited agencies are constantly seeking new ways to comply with their obligations and improve their services.  

How Healing Hearts can help you

Healing Hearts Home Health offers a variety of home health services, from light housekeeping to skilled nursing. How it works is really straightforward:

  • A doctor recommends home health.
  • We meet with you and design a care plan based on your doctor's recommendations.
  • We coordinate with any other relevant professionals, including speech therapists and nurses, to ensure your plan runs smoothly.

Not sure if you qualify for home health? Don't worry – we can help you find out if you call us to schedule a free consultation. There's a chance you already qualify for free home health! If you're with Medicare, they typically pay 100 percent for home services so long as you meet their basic criteria, which we'll discuss with you further at your consultation. 

However complex your care needs, the team at Healing Hearts is ready to help.

About us

Healing Hearts Home Health is the only ACHC-accredited home health agency that serves patients in Crook, Campbell, and Weston, Wyoming. At Healing Hearts, we truly believe that the best healing occurs at home. If you're unsure whether you qualify for home health, or you'd like to know more about our wide range of services, arrange a free consultation now. 

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