Why In-home Healthcare Is The Best Short-term Option

There’s no place like home and we truly believe that. Home health aides can instantly improve the quality of life, and make your recovery process much more pleasant. In many ways, choosing a home health care system can also be a less expensive, more positive experience. With friends and family around in a comfortable environment, recovery times can significantly shorten, and you can be back on your feet in no time. Choosing in-home healthcare solutions can be a more viable option for those who want to stay where they are already well situated.

Initially, it may sound like it should be more expensive to have a healthcare professional come to your home, but it can be a significantly cheaper option. For example, when you go into a nursing home, the average yearly cost is around $70,000. In-home healthcare is often charged by the hour, which ultimately cuts the cost down significantly, while providing you with better care. Healthcare institutions like nursing homes and therapy centers often cost more to run because of the general capital needed to finance the many facilities and staff required to operate a large organization.

Receiving care in the comfort of your own home gives you the freedom to determine your surroundings. Patients get the care they need in a comfortable, familiar environment surrounded by what they love most. Instead of waking up to an orchestra of buzzers and beepers, home care patients experience comfortable sounds like the coffee pot beginning to brew, loved ones starting their day, and perhaps the joy of laughing grandchildren.

Patients who choose in-home healthcare have the luxury of not having to relocate from their local communities or burdened by the inconvenience of a daily drive into town. And the best part is, your normal day-to-day won’t be interrupted. The ability to control the circumstances of the surrounding environment in the peace of your own home can actually benefit your recovery time and put you in a better state of mind.

Rather than a large staff of nurses catering to a number of other patients, home health care pairs you with a professional that is wholly invested in your speedy recovery. Only you matter. Having only one patient in mind at a time, you will get the friendly, personal interactions that so many enjoy and benefit from. Seeing the same friendly face every day adds more value than most recognize and in-home healthcare options allow healthcare providers to focus solely on the treatments and financing that suit you.

Healing Hearts Home Health is committed to providing the best care in Wyoming. We are proud to be the only ACHC (Accreditation Commission for Health Care), privately held agency in North East, Wyoming. Unknown to many, Medicare can actually cover 100 percent of your in-home health care costs. Our desk is open 24/7. Give us a call for a free consultation and our compassionate team of healthcare professionals will confirm your insurance coverage, individualize your personal plan of care, and set you on the path to living your best life today.

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